New zealand article There are no clues for this activity. Below are 10 statements about the text. For each one, decide if it is True or False. When you have finished, click "Check answers" to check your answers. New Zealand is a country made up of two islands. 1 European settlers came long after the arrival of the Maoris in New Zealand. 1 According to Maori legend, the south island was fished out of the sea by Maui. 2 The north island has many mountains and valleys. 1 The treaty of Waitangi was written in the eighteenth century. 2 Many Maoris hold positions in New Zealand government. 1 'Marae' is Maori for a traditional meeting house. 1 With 'hongi', the traditional Maori greeting, you shake hands. 2 In order to keep the Maori language alive, children learn it at school. 1 New Zealand English slang is sometimes different to slang in other English-speaking countries. 1